Francesca Milliken
Large Drawings 2011-2012Small Drawings 2010-2011Collage 2002-2008
I draw to discover things that I cannot think through logically or access consciously. The finite dimensions of paper provide spaces for me to contain and release my perceptions, giving form to things I can only sense and letting go of things I cannot say. With the simple materials of pencil and eraser, I play, trying as much as possible to make decisions and judgments without filtering my visceral responses. During this process, I stumble upon characters, and it seems almost as though these figures are dictating how the images will evolve, determining what their stories will be.

I do not know exactly why I draw what I do, but when I look back at my most recent drawings, I see irresolute narratives of fairytale girls who are struggling with both their vulnerability and their personal armor. I see these portrayals of conflicting female identities and I wonder: Which behaviors are instinctual? When is protection binding? Why are some things desirable? Who is pursuing whom? And where is the real menace?