Francesca Milliken
Despite all of her intelligence, her intimate irregularities were often visible. (Snow White)Whatever she decides, she will have to pretend, unless... she refuses them all. (The Princess and the Pea)She never let her feelings flood her. (Little Red Riding Hood)She is expectant–anticipating the time when she will be right, just because. (Goldilocks)She imagines that the world will always be this way. (Little Red Riding Hood)  (Little Red Riding Hood)She did it knowing that everyone would distort what mattered, and no one would remember why. (Lady Godiva)Her size does not account for her swelling sadness, nor for the magnitude of her jealousy. (The Little Mermaid)She will get out, but she will only be able to talk about it as though it never happened to her. (Rapunzel)Even the pose did not belong to her. (Beauty and the Beast)She wasn't pining over him; she wanted to be him. (Wendy Darling)Amongst the shadows in the attic, her reflection appeared bold and confident. (Little Miss Muffet)Stowed, way up high, wedged between branches that poke and prod, she is like a starfish waiting for its arm to grow back. (Snow White)DonkeyskinShe realized that people could not be lightning rods.
She trussed two of her fingers together by curling her velvet cloak tightly around them. (Little Red Riding Hood)
Large Drawings 2011-2012